We want service-oriented people who want a great place to work Your interest in helping people makes you a perfect fit for Warsaw Federal. You’ll guide people toward the right loans and other financial products to meet their needs. You’ll help them through application processes, and show them how to make the right decisions for them and their families.

We’ll welcome you to a team who bring energy and enthusiasm to their work. People here love their communities and want to serve the people in them. Whether at the teller window, on the phone with homebuyers or behind the scenes in other roles, Warsaw Federal employees share the belief that building community builds a better life for us all.

You take care of our customers and we take care of you. Compensation at Warsaw Federal is designed to reward you for excellent performance and service. We want you to build your future with us as we work together building the families and businesses in our community.

About Warsaw Federal

Serving Ohioans for over a hundred years, Warsaw Federal is a center for mortgages, loans, investments and bank accounts. We’re committed to helping people build their lives, their businesses and their neighborhoods.

Warsaw Federal takes an active interest in the communities we serve by engaging with community organizations and sponsoring activities that bring people together. Our employees share our commitment. They volunteer and serve in organizations that do good work for those in need and for the community as a whole.